Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Final Teacher Center Courses

Hello all! Exciting stuff going on. I hope you're all enjoying your techno-enabled classrooms. Here are the final assignments (and vacancy!) for the TTL courses we are offering through the teacher center:

Wikispaces: Keith

Google Docs: Dave

Google Earth: Paul

Blogs: Chad

Document Cameras, etc: VACANT!

If you want to present, or have another idea (perhaps a course on laptop carts or moodle?), please let me know so I can set it up with Sharon. I'll post the dates for the current sessions when they're confirmed. Publicity for the sessions is forthcoming, and will take myriad, heretofore unspecified forms.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What Exciting Times

Oh, the many wonders of the era in which we live! Chad clued me in to a site called www.ustream.tv, and I've used it to great acclaim in my classroom. Using it, we've been able to stream videos to other classes as well as make embedable recordings that I've put on my website. Check out the videos I have so far here.

On another note, I've sent all the information off to Sharon about our TTL sessons, and I'll be confirming with the necessary parties just as soon as I can. Thanks!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Success with Technology

So I have had a huge success using technology in my classroom. My students were asked to create a trail map, choosing between a hiking, ATV, or snowshoe trail. They then used PowerPoint to add trail markings, parking lots, outhouses -- and some even added Sasquatch! Once the map was finished and saved as a jpeg, they added it to a brochure template in Publisher. Once this was complete their creativity took over and they created descriptions and added other creative details to their location.

New technology that I used consisted of the class wiki to post documents for them to retrieve, PowerPoint for something other than presentations, Publisher, the laptop cart and finally a Google Docs survey to give me feedback on the overall project. It was an awesome project that exceeded my expectations.

Technology Tools Series

Fellow Techno-people,

I need to know who'd be interested in presenting (or co-presenting!) one of our workshops. I envision each workshop being two sessions long, and each session being one hour. So far:

Wikis -- Keith
Google Earth -- Paul

Check out the proposals and see what you'd like to do. Thanks!